Daily Inspiration 5-30-13

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“On teaching people a lesson:

You’re actually not teaching them a lesson,

because the people who most need to

learn a lesson, haven’t, and won’t.

What you’re actually doing is diverting yourself

from your path as well as ruining your day

in a quixotic quest for fairness,

fairness you’re unlikely to find.”

— Seth Godin

I was thinking about holding grudges and knowing some people who hold some with companies and people for a variety of reasons. They boycott the companies or do something else that is bent on teaching them a lesson, and it is a colossal waste of time and energy.

Like the quote above says: “what you’re actually doing is diverting YOURSELF from YOUR path as well as ruining YOUR day.” Not much revenge or justice there. And, it is so true that as we are angry, hold grudges (angry, resentful thoughts), we really do a disservice to ourselves more than anything.

Love Is Allowing Others To Be What They Choose For Themselves (Or Choose To Do) Without Any Insistence They Satisfy Us.

Spread Some Joy Today–Love them anyway. It’s all good. And, love yourself in the process.

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