Daily Inspiration 5-30-11

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Choice Week

“When you have to make a choice and
don’t make it, that is in itself a choice.”

— William James

How many times in my life have I drug my feet, procrastinated, and even flat refused to make a choice, and yet, that strangely enough is a choice. It’s not the most effective one perhaps, but it is a choice. Indeed, sometimes it can actually be the ‘right’ choice, but I think that more often than not, failing to choose turns out poorly.

It doesn’t seem logical that someone might choose to fail, but often that is actually the case and often within that context, it is the reluctance to choose that ends up the culprit. So failing to choose can certainly lead to choosing to fail.

A far better way might be to take control and make decisions, and practice.

Practice Makes Perfect. Perfect Takes Practice.

Spread Some Joy Today–Have some fun today. Smile at everyone with joy in your heart. See what happens. . .
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