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“There is only now, 
and each new moment 
can be more of the same, 
a new and different experience, 
or a second chance.” 
— Albert K. Strong 

[Classic post from 5-7-17]

Each year for the past several years Hay House publishing company of which many of my favorite authors have been represented, such as Wayne Dyer, Alan Cohen, Louise Hay (founder), Anita Moorjani, and a long list of others, holds what they call the Hay House World Summit.

Yesterday, I listened to three one-hour interviews with authors Alan Cohen, Julie Ann Cairns, and Anita Moojani. I loved them all, and this morning I wanted to share a few insights.

Anita Moorjani is the author of one of my all-time favorite books, Dying To Be Me, and her latest book is, What If This Is Heaven? Her books are full of wisdom and hope and potential change. I say potential because she simply shares her story, her thoughts and the change is up to us.

At the end of her interview that I listened to yesterday, she goes through a downloadable single page pdf file that is well worth sharing. In it she asks some great questions that I thought were profound and insightful too.

She suggests that we imagine that we are on our death bed and that we are about to take our last breath. In that long moment, we look back on our life at everything we’ve done, the work we’ve done, accomplishments, and look at all the people throughout our life, the people we love and all the varied relationships, and she suggests that we ask these questions:

  • Are there things you wish you had more of which you didn’t give time to? 
  • I want you to ask yourself: Is there anything in your life that you did that you regret doing? 
  • Are there things you felt you spent time doing which you wish you hadn’t, which you wish you hadn’t given so much time to? 
  • What are those things that you wish you did? Are there things you wished you’d done which you hadn’t? Visualize: What are those things? 
  • Are there people who you wished you spent more time with, people you love who you wished you’d spent more time with? Are there things you wished you’d said to them? 

Then she wants you to come back from that death bed scenario and you’ve been given a second lease on life. Then she says to make a commitment to yourself that you’re now going to spend your life doing the things that you’d wished you’d done, that you want to do, and spending your time with people who you want to spend your time with.

As we can imagine this death bed scenario and in that place see the things we wanted to do and didn’t, or things we regretted and let it lay in the fallow of our memory, the people we have been with including loved ones and how we feel that we have been to them–as we ask these tough questions, we have the opportunity to know what we truly want and need to do. And, now, with this knowledge, we can take this second chance moment to begin to fulfill all the most important things that we felt we were leaving undone.

Perhaps Now Is That Time. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself through all of your processes of living.

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