Daily Inspiration 5-3-13

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“Always be willing to look

at both sides of the argument.

Understanding the other side is

the best way to strengthen your own.”

— Jim Rohn

This is such great advice for sales, and also applies to virtually any communication. It is so easy to be focused on what we want whether we are talking to a prospect for our product or services and not consider the person we are talking to. Oh sure, we like to think we are. We think they can use our product and/or service and we know for sure it will benefit them, but are we really understanding their side? Most often, probably not.

Another thing that really stood out for me in this quote is the very last part: it is the best way to strengthen our own argument, presentation, communication. Instead of thinking that sheer practice will help us with our argument or point of view, by doing whatever we can to understand the others position, we are strengthening our own. Isn’t that interesting?

Perhaps you remember the famous and wonderful book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. In that book, habit number five is Seek First To Understand, Then Be Understood.

Great Advice From Two Masters.

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