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“One comes to believe whatever
one repeats
to oneself sufficiently often,
whether the statement
be true or fase.
It comes to be the
thought in one’s

— Robert

become things,” as Mike Dooley has said thousands of times. What begins as an
internal thought, becomes externally spoken, and the action of sharing, to
reinforce the thought as it quietly and silently becomes a belief. It becomes
you and your reality, and it really doesn’t matter if it is truth to anyone
else, as it is truth to you–at least for the time being.
can claim to be a positive person, but if you heard yourself on a tape recorder,
you might find otherwise. The habit of discussing and reinforcing the realities
of life from statistics (correct or incorrect), news, or friendly banter is
strong and leads many in a circle in disappointment and frustration.
a way to check yourself, because most of your friends will just agree with you
instead of allowing you to hear yourself: Is what you are saying uplifting? If
it is not uplifting then it is not positive. I love Jim Rohn’s phrase that there
are two ways to build the tallest building, one is to become known as a builder,
the other as a destroyer. Well, slightly paraphrased, but I’ve adopted it as my
own. So, I ask myself, “am I building, or destroying?”
appears that a majority like to discuss the problems. It may not be true, but it
seems that way. Whether it’s on facebook, the news, the locker room, or the
living room, there is a lot of discussion about what is wrong. There is nothing
positive about that. The positive would be to discuss what is right or good.
Praise is uplifting. Appreciation is uplifting. Peace is uplifting.
time you’re in the car talking, at the office, on the job, or where ever you
find yourself, begin being aware of what you are saying and/or agreeing with.
Then ask yourself if you are a builder. I now find myself doing this all the
time, catching myself (yes, habits can be a challenge), and politely changing
the subject with friends, or even pointing them in a more pleasing
direction–for both of us.
I am convinced that thoughts become things, I’m much more careful what things I
want coming into my life. It wasn’t always so. But, it damn sure is

“How Shall I A Habit Break?”
As You Did That Habit Make.
As You Gathered, You Must
As You Yielded, Now Refuse.
Thread By Thread The Strands We
Till They Bind Us Neck And
Thread By Thread The Patient
Must Untwine Ere Free We

— John Boyle

Spread Some Joy Today–by speaking of the joy that you find and feel
inside. Speak of it often.
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