Daily Inspiration 5-29-14

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“Awareness encourages focus. 
As we focus, 
that is when we see 
what was not there.” 

— Albert K Strong 

Today, I was loving purple. Every shade of purple. Some were light and airy and some were bold and dark, and all of them were purple.

A couple of days ago, I was out for a walk, and I was loving green. Every shade of green, amazing myself with the sheer number of shades in only my small field of view.

Something got my attention and I became aware of purple in the waiting area at Kaiser-Permanente getting some standard tests done. So, I accepted the awareness and it was like opening a door and walking into a stadium filled with shades of purple. No, I’m not trippin’. I began to smile and I was really enjoying myself and eagerly anticipating the next shade of purple I would see and whether it is clothing or some other object. It was as if purple was the predominant color in the room. I saw purple all the way home. Then, I let purple go.

Our brain receives so much data that it automatically filters things that we may not need to see. Otherwise, we would be overwhelmed with information. It is the awareness of something–a person, an object, or even an idea, and that awareness encourages us to focus, to hone in on it. As we do, our brain now has filters changed to allow more to come through. Yet, it was there all the time.

All that purple I saw today, and the green a couple days ago was there. I just didn’t see it. We can accurately say I wasn’t paying attention to it. Something got my attention, I focused, and I was reeling from all the green.

Can we do this on purpose? Absolutely. Today was a bit of fun, and I think that the key to doing it on purpose is also to keep it fun. The other key, I think, is to focus on the positive aspect of it. With the fun of purple, there was no negative side, but if we think about money, there is money and the lack of it, and so often we might focus on the negative. It might even be automatic, or habitual. So, instead, just have some fun with it.

See how you can see money all around you when you focus. See others enjoying their adult toys, shopping, big malls and shopping centers to accept their money and exchange things for it. Enjoy the view, feel how good it feels. Focus on what you want and not what you lack or don’t want and see it appear all around you. In this change of outlook, you release resistance. So often, we are the only ones keeping things from ourselves.

Having Fun Focusing On What I Want To See.

Spread Some Joy Today–Allow curiosity to expand your awareness. Focus on joy. Now you will see joy all around you.

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