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“Finding requires only seeking, 
even if you find something 
other than you’re looking for.” 

— Albert K. Strong 

Yesterday, I was reminded of how finding happens. It happens when there is seeking going on. It could have been, and quite often has been there all along, but until the seeking, finding is pointless. I was amazed and delighted by this reminder.

A couple of months ago, I finished the biography of the Wright Brothers by David McCullough. Though I knew a little bit about them, this book brought me into their life and times for a much better view of that part of history. The finding of the airplane they built and popularized was always there, just waiting for the seekers. In fact, they had the science of it down very well early on. It was the building and testing that was so time and resource consuming.

As well, all those who followed, modified their design, created new designs, and took aviation to where it is today, were seeking before they found what they were looking for. And, what is really interesting as the quote above eludes to, is that what we find may not be exactly what we thought we were searching for. It may be so much more. Perhaps it opened the door to a whole new way to see the thing that before could not even be imagined.

We just had a revelation like this in our Internet business. Every time we think of leaving the vendor we began with, we find they have offered more that we even knew about. We could have found these solutions some time ago, but we weren’t searching, yet they were there all along. We have been reminded many times that the initial choice of using this company was and is the best choice overall. There are pluses and minuses with every vendor, but in this case, we are reminded that the pluses once again outweigh the minuses.

I have come to the conclusion having seen this sort of thing so many times, that we really need not be stressed or impatient about finding. Finding is not the problem we think it is. It is the seeking, and before it, the desire for a solution that is the key. Without the desire and seeking, there is no need of finding, nor would finding be of any value.

Seek And Ye Shall Find. Still True. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeking your own joy and then you may find the desire to share it.

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