Daily Inspiration 5-28-13

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“You block your dream when you allow

your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”


— Mary Manin Morrissey

Fear may be an indication that we are on a path that is not in our best interests; however, our ego loves fear and loves to feed fear and fear can easily grow from a concern to a ten-foot-thick brick wall.

Here’s a good question: How much energy are we giving this fearful thinking? Where are we letting it take us? Are we really fantasizing the future in a negative way?

Faith will abide if we let it. Faith will help us survive the trauma of fear if we let it. I think the best thing is to at first acknowledge that there is this fear thought, take a quick look at its character, and I am confident that as we move our attention and all of our focus to the successful accomplishment regardless of how far away it may seem, that the fear will take its proper place in the rear.

The Best Alternative Word For Faith Is TRUST.

Spread Some Joy Today–Trust in yourself. Trust in your ability. Trust in your worthiness. Trust in your actions.

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