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“Enough is not a number or condition. 
It is a state of mind.” 

— Alan Cohen 

I’ve heard people say things like, “that guy is a multi-billionaire, so why does he keep going for more? He will never spend all he has now.” Or, “when is enough, enough?”

First of all, it’s not about the money. It never was. Yet, that doesn’t help, does it? If we have thousands, and they have millions, it is easy to think it is all about money and what money will do for us, which is really about freedom, not money.

According to Abraham, Esther Hicks, “Everything that I think that I need to do is all only in order to propel me to some place that when I get there, I think I will be happier. So, everything that I am doing, no matter what it is, all of my lists of rights and wrongs. . . are all about me getting to a manifestation that I believe I will then be happier. . . So, why don’t I take a short cut and just go get happy?”

Not a bad idea. . . but, we say, it can’t be that simple. So here’s another way to see it:

“So, why am I who I am, and why am I born to who I am born to, and why is it set up the way it is set up? We say, “For the fun of it. For the expansion of it. For the growth of it. For the difference in it. For the desire producing value in it.”

To take all that, which I think answers it well, then top it off with an even grander perspective, they add this:

“Every single person on the planet and every single Consciousness in the Universe has the same experience of being here and having a desire to be there. In other words, it is the promise of this eternal Universe. You’re always, always, always going to be on your way to something more–always. And when you relax and accept that, and stop beating up on yourself for not being someplace that you’re not, and instead, start embracing where you are while you keep your eye on where you’re going–now life becomes really, really, really fun.”

So, when is enough, enough? It is never enough. It is good. I am happier, yet I am, after all, on a journey. While I may enjoy this spot for a while, I am on my way to that other place. I’m here for the experience of all of that. Sometimes, I might like the spot I’m in so much, that I keep choosing it over and over again, enjoying it even more, or I may choose something entirely different. Whatever it is, I think I will feel better in the choice I make and what I want out of the choice, or not. Either way, I get to keep on choosing.

It Is Never Done. We Never Get “There.” At Least Not Permanently. We Are All A Work In Progress. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing to be happy where you are on your journey to wherever you may want to be.

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