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“The greatest good you can do for another is not just
to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”
— Benjamin Disraeli
In all of my life, there is nothing that is so sweet, that requires no recognition from others, is so energizing, uplifting and satisfying, and the potential longevity of forever, as helping someone else see more in themselves than they now see. In other words, uplifting people. The benefit to them is so obvious when I see it; however, most of my influence would most likely not be seen by me. Here’s how Mother Teresa said that: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.”
The ripple effect. I was watching a light rain shower the other day as the drops were hitting the water in our swimming pool. Each drop immediately caused a number of circular waves to expand outward from the drop. What was really interesting to watch was how the ripples touched each other and the other and the other and the other. It was a symphony of ripples that were all having a ripple effect on each other. I could see the movie of it and the music playing as the ripples moved about nonstop, yet it was a light enough shower with no wind, so I could see every ripple clearly. It was a common event that I saw in a totally different way. It was sort of magical.
This is essentially how we can affect each other–even those whom we have never met, or may never meet directly. Or you might meet someone at a place far from home to find you’ve had an influence. A few months ago, I was in Dallas, Texas at a GM meeting and there were people from all over the country. I live in California. I sat down at a table to eat and introduced myself and stated my company Commercial Truck Success and someone I didn’t know and have never met, said how much they enjoyed our bi-monthly IdeaLetter and they appreciated receiving it. I thought, wow, isn’t that interesting. You just never know how what you do can have an affect on others.
The main way you have an effect is by being the person that you are. As you put more love in your heart, more gratitude and more joy, that has a great effect on those with whom you come in contact. The other way is in how you reach out to others and uplift them. This can be done in a thousand ways, from just being kind and saying hello to having the Nobel foundation.
Consider the ripple effect that you have on the pool. It is guaranteed that you have an effect. The question is what kind of effect? Just in case it is not the effect you would like, it is easy enough to change. Be a positive effect! Uplift others.
I’ll Have A Ripple, Please–Effect, That Is. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–When you have a joyful thought, all you have to do is enjoy it and others will feel it from many miles away. Appreciation is the kindest ripple of all.
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