Daily Inspiration 5-26-14

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“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow; 
it empties today of its strength.” 

— Corrie Ten Boom 

As much as we think that worrying about something will protect us from the future, or help us in the future, it merely, and most effectively, saps us of the present. It takes whatever power we have in the present and portions it to another time-space that is yet to come, and may never come. Worry is a waste of our today in hopes of some redeeming value at another time. It is a lie.

If we really think about worry, we will find that it is merely a fear about something that might happen in the future, but the reality is that it is extremely rare that it comes to pass, so it is not helpful but most unhelpful instead. Anything that drains us of our peace, presence, effectiveness, and joy in the present for anything potential in the future is harmful at best.

Worry is always in the future and often based upon the past or some fantasy about either. Just let go. It only has power as you give it power.

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