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“The beginning is always today.”

— Mary Wollstonecraf

I used to begin things on the first of the month, the first day of the week, the middle of the month like the 15th, or even the 20th. It was always in the future somewhere though often not very far in the future. I guess you could say that it was always tomorrow. A clean break. A change. A fresh start.

The trouble with this is that tomorrow became today and then my plans were extended to another tomorrow, another week, another month, another year. Yet I always knew inside that tomorrow never really comes. It is always tomorrow.

There is only today and only this very minute. If I am to get anything going, it must be right now this very minute.

If I am going to get my marketing plan in order, that will have to be done today. Leave the cell phone, go to a neutral location and get it down on paper and get it started. Call the people who need to be called and get on with it.

Whatever it is that needs to be done, begs to be done, needs the priority of right now this minute and a commitment to the action of beginning it.

I Only Know This From My Vast Experience As A Planner.

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