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“There is not a more pleasing exercise
of the mind than gratitude.
It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction
that the duty is sufficiently rewarded
by the performance.”

— Joseph Addison

[Classic post from 6-8-17]

While searching for something else, I found a site about psychology and someone was stating what a loser they were and how everything goes wrong and how terrified they are and how depressed they feel and they are 25 and unemployed and living at home and on and on and on. Then there were all these responses to the lengthy statement of how bad things are and how hopeless life is right now. The responses were all over the place, some recommending psychotherapy, others to stay away from self-help books and others trying to cheer him up by just being positive and upbeat. It was an interesting read.

I have an easier answer and a much more effective one too. Get ready. . . here comes the wisdom of the world. . . to solve almost all of life’s problems, turn your life around and turn your life on. . . Here it is. It is gratitude. It is being grateful. It is finding anything, anything at all to appreciate, to be thankful for.

The other day I had a sort of revelation while driving. I was thinking about some people who have told me that they have a hard time being grateful for so many things. I always suggest that they not worry about that aspect and just pretend to be grateful and that the practice of pretending will bring it to you in reality. I know this because I did it myself.

I was thinking about those responses and it came to me that the whole purpose of gratitude is to get out of yourself! Wow. I thought that was pretty powerful, simple, and very enlightening. It’s so simple that it is taken for granted.

We’re into ourselves 24/7 because we are inside ourselves and everything else is outside. We think thoughts so fast and we’ve accumulated so many habits and beliefs. Sometimes the only way to get some perspective is to find a way to get outside of ourselves, even if only for a few short minutes. The benefits can be life-changing. And, the way to do that immediately and surely each and every time is to be grateful. Find things to be grateful for. Express gratitude for people, things, and events. Seek thankfulness and enjoy the rewards of that outward expression of inward thought.

If you ever feel down, seek to be grateful for being there. If that doesn’t work, find something else to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small. To God, I don’t think there is such a thing. Just find something, anything. Then begin adding things. It could be that the sky is blue or that water comes out of the faucet, then it could be gratitude for the family, the home you live in. Believe me, the list will grow and grow and grow. There is so much to be thankful for. Make a list today!

There Is Always Something. . . To Be Grateful For!

Spread Some Joy Today–I know it for a fact and have proven it to many others: become grateful and your life will always be full–beginning with the day you become grateful.

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