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“People are attracted to you 
by what they see in you; 
they remain attracted to you 
by what you see in yourself.” 

— Mark Amend 

The above quote is a fascinating one to consider. What does it mean “by what you see in yourself?” Consider this quote from Abraham, Esther Hicks: “The only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn’t mater how much money you’ve got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are.”

How we see ourselves has everything to do with what we think, and what we think has everything to do with how we feel. How we feel and how we think has everything to do with what we hear and see and read and experience and our interpretation of that. It has to do with the story we tell, or rather, the story we tell has to do with how things are turning out; that is, how we are thinking and consequently, how we are feeling. All of that has everything to do with how we are attracting.

Consider these stories supplied by Abraham, Esther Hicks, many of which are so familiar to me because I used to tell them, live them, and experience them repeatedly:

. . . things that have gone wrong.
. . . things that aren’t the way I want them to be or think they should be.
. . . others who have let me down.
. . . others who have not been truthful with me.
. . . not enough money.
. . . not enough time.
. . . how things usually are.
. . . how things have been all my life.
. . . how things have been lately.
. . . injustices that I see in the world.
. . . others who just don’t understand.
. . . others who don’t make an effort.
. . . others who are capable but who don’t apply themselves.
. . . dissatisfaction with my appearance.
. . . worry about my body’s health.
. . . people who take advantage of others.
. . . people who want to control me.

Sound familiar? Some? All? Consider a new story, a new reality, a new way of life:

. . . the positive aspects of my current subject of attention.
. . . the way I really want things to be.
. . . how well things are going.
. . . how the Law of Attraction is the true manager of all things.
. . . abundance that flows abundantly.
. . . how time is perceptual and endless.
. . . the best things I see.
. . . my favorite memories.
. . . the obvious expansion of my life.
. . . the amazing or interesting or wonderful aspects of my world.
. . . the incredible variety that surrounds me.
. . . the willingness and effectiveness of so many.
. . . the power of my own thoughts.
. . . the positive aspects of my own body.
. . . the stable basis of my physical body.
. . . how we all create our own reality.
. . . my absolute freedom and my joyous awareness of it.

“Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. . . If you will let your dominant intention be to revise and improve the content of the story you tell every day of your life, it is our absolute promise to you that your life will become that ever-improving story.”

I know this is true for me for I have experienced it and the resultant change within and without. My new stories; my own expansion; my learning of and practicing of the Art of Allowing, all have contributed to a completely different view. Now what I see in myself is far more attractive.

How Do Your Stories Cause You To Feel? 

Spread Some Joy Today–because freedom, love and joy are what you really are.

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