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“Holding a grudge

is like walking on hot coals

while being chained to a post.”

— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 6-7-17]

Nelson Mandella said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.” When looked at from either of these perspectives, it is filled with pain and only harming ourselves.

It begs the question: What good could possibly come from that?

Nelson Mandella was an angry man, and that anger was easily justified in his mind and that of many around him, and he learned while in prison for many years what good that anger did. He heaped hot coals upon his own head for a long time until he came to the realization that it was only himself that he was doing harm to–like drinking poison and then hoping it would kill his enemies.

I watched an excellent short video last weekend from Davidji. I subscribe to his weekend meditation emails and find myself learning more every week on choosing a more peaceful perspective. In the video, Davidji said this line that resonated with me:

“Having gratitude for the painful moments is the true life lesson.”

What good can possibly come from painful moments? A grateful heart would be at the top of the list in my mind. Why? It’s not so much because it is a lesson that I need to learn, but a perspective that I am encouraged to view that can help me come back to love.

Drinking poison won’t help me, holding a grudge keeps me in a repetitive cycle of self-inflicted pain. A few simple questions at any point leading me toward a better perspective might be, how’s that working for me? Is this what I want? Do I want to feel this way? Am I in charge of my own life?

When I can find gratitude, to be grateful for, thankful for, blessed by a situation I was in pain about, I can see beyond the pain. I can take responsibility for the pain as being self-inflicted. I can see a grander perspective of life in general and how harmony and disharmony co-relate everywhere, and that out of disharmony, harmony is born in desire for its own sake, all leading back to love.

Love Is The Larger Perspective.

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking another look from a different point of view to see the benefit that magically appears from that perspective.

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