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“In the phrase,
‘power and control,’
power is the ability,
and control is the choice.”

— Albert K. Strong

[Classic post from 6-6-17]

Contrary to popular misconception, each and every person on this planet, have the same exact amount of power and choice. No one has more than another regardless of how it may appear. We all have the power of thought–the ability to think. We all have the unique choice of choosing the thoughts that we think. No other regardless of position has more power than any other in these. Unless they abdicate their own power.

I was reminded this morning by a few key phrases I was reading in Money, and the Law of Attraction, by Esther & Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham. Here are some of those phrases and thoughts that resonated with me:

“If you will bring yourself to a more deliberate control of your own thought, you will bring yourself to a more deliberate control of your own life experience.”

I remembered that no one has any power over my thought unless I allow that. I alone retain the power of thought in me and I alone control my choices of what I will think.

“As you develop the habit of looking for good-feeling thoughts, the circumstances that surround you must improve. The Law of Attraction demands it. When you feel good, you experience the sensation of doors opening as the Universe is cooperating with you; and when you feel bad, it feels as if the doors are closing and the cooperation stops.”

The key, of course, is paying attention to how I am feeling and having a desire to feel good. I have the power and the choice here always and in all ways. Feeling bad is merely and exquisitely a wake-up call that feeling bad is not what I really want, thereby giving me an opportunity to choose differently. Whatever the negative feeling is I might call bad is simply telling me that I am out of alignment with what I want. As I focus on a pothole and become upset that it is there, I find more of them to be upset about. As I focus on beauty, I find more beauty to love.

This last part is such a powerful learning experience for me:

“You must not rely on conditions changing in order to control the way you feel. You must improve your ability to focus positively regardless of the condition–and to do that, it helps to remember that every subject has wanted and unwanted within it, and that, if you are deliberate, you can find something that feels better.”

Abraham was pointing this out by how we might be in some kind of relationship (romantic, work, or any other), and see the other or others experiencing pain in a situation, maybe even blaming us for the pain. We may want their pain to subside and to have them feel better, but often we may be feeling their pain within ourselves. They add this very important bit:

“We just want to emphasize that you are not feeling their pain, caused by their situation, but instead you are feeling your own pain brought about by your own thinking. There is great control in that knowledge, and, in fact, true freedom.”

Again, we all have the same power and choice, but not in another. We only have that power within ourselves. We cannot make another feel anything, but we can certainly and exclusively choose how we want to feel by what we are choosing to think.

One of the most empowering things that we can do toward inner peace is to allow all others to think and choose as they will without any insistence that they will satisfy us. Only we have that power for ourselves.

Our Individual Power And Ability Reign.

Spread Some Joy Today–by rejoicing in your power of thought and choice.

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