Daily Inspiration 5-22-14

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“No problem 
is so formidable 
that you can’t walk away from it.” 

— Charles M Schulz 

Indeed. It seems like a great idea to walk away, run away, turn away from as many problems as one can. I mean, just the definition of problem tells the story: Any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty. Yeah, who needs any of that?

I’ve heard that many people go from problem to problem to problem. What’s up with that? How about going from doubt to uncertainty to difficulty to more of the same? No thanks.

What if we simply change the word problem to contrast? Now those people who used to go from problem to problem to problem will now go from contrast to contrast to contrast. It’s amazing how much lighter that feels just by changing the word!

Now contrast is beneficial, but the way we looked at problems, they were not. Contrast is beneficial because its existence creates a new desire and new desire is what keeps us alive. How much more beneficial could that be? It keeps us alive–and I don’t mean living–I mean ALIVE as in full of life, optimistic, eager. . . It keeps us alive as in a life worth living because it renews our desire for something other, something more, something less, something changed. All of those are good. We all need regular doses of contrast, otherwise, life would not feel worth living. It would get boring, old, tired, listless, pointless, depressing. We need contrast. It is highly beneficial.

When we look at things this way instead of the more common way, rather than running away from problems, fretting about them, dissecting them, feeling that doubt, uncertainty, and difficulty with each one, we will embrace the contrast because the contrast creates new desire and new desire brings life to the living. Now, instead of running from them, we turn that all the way around and now may very well run to them. Celebrating contrast is a perfect thing to do.

The Magic Of One Word. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–As contrast shows itself today, get joyous! You’re about to live deeper and find new joys.

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