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“How often I found where I should be going
only by setting out for somewhere else.”
–R Buckminster Fuller

[Classic post from 6-19-12]

There are three important things that this wonderful quote speaks to me. One, movement is important. To get somewhere we must begin the journey. Let, or rather allow your thinking to inspire you, and then take some kind of action. It matters less what the action is at the beginning, but taking action is important.

Two, mistakes happen, but don’t focus on them as mistakes. Consider it feedback instead of mistakes. Some of the world’s most popular products were not what was set out to make, such as, Post-It Notes. Activity breeds results, and those results are an indication or an indicator of where to go next.

Three, don’t get hung up on the objective because the objective may change so much that you wouldn’t recognize it. Be flexible, and let, or rather, allow things to unfold. You may find that a far grander realization comes out of allowing a relaxed and flexible focus.

Ready, Set, Chill. Make A Decision. Take Action On Your Inspirations, Don’t Get Hung Up On The Outcome.

Spread Some Joy Today–It might be time for the Teaberry Shuffle. . .

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