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“People are anything but ordinary. 
Everyone has something extraordinary 
that can impact our lives 
and change us in a positive way.” 
— Gary Rohmann 

I have a client and dear friend (whom I’ve never met in person) who lives just outside of Nashville in Spring Hill, TN. His name is Gary Rohmann. Today, he sent me an article for us to post to his blog and social media and I liked it so much I asked if I could share it. He titled it, Inspired by the Ordinary. Here is the article:

“Every time I go out to the mall, the grocery store or stop and take ‘time out’ for a cup of coffee, I meet incredibly interesting people. Not necessarily famous people, but certainly interesting people in the midst of everyday life.

Recently I stopped to take a break over a cup of coffee (love Dunkin Donuts–and grateful that we have one in Spring Hill, TN!) As I was waiting for my coffee to be served, I approached a young man who was focused on his computer, diligently typing away. I approached him and asked, “By chance are you a millionaire?” You should have seen his expression! It brought me to my knees in laughter! And what a conversation we had about life in general. Just incredible, and made my day.’

Every person that crosses our respective ‘life path’ offers an opportunity to learn. People are fascinating. People, if we allow them to and we are open to learning, can teach us remarkable lessons. As you rush through your day, why not pause and look around. Just watch, listen, and ask some questions. You will be inspired by what you learn.

Some things that I have learned and been inspired by these ordinary people include:

  • Everyone is hurting in some way, and everyone needs praise. You and I are in a position to give that praise. 

  • Everyone has a hidden talent. Take time to get to know them. Often the most needed skills are right in front of us. 

  • Age does not equal wisdom. Learning from the mistakes of others can benefit us more than we realize. 

  • Often what we see is just the surface. Take time to realize the talents and abilities of the people around you. 

People are anything but ordinary. Everyone has something extraordinary that can impact our lives and change us in a positive way. We are all ordinary people, but we are all extraordinary in our own way. It’s just a matter of looking around and allowing ordinary people to enter your life. President Lyndon Johnson was right when he said, “There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few we can solve by ourselves.””

What I got out of this the most was risking to talk to a stranger, just for the learning of it. Also, it is interesting how much we can learn about others and ourselves in this risk of reaching out. The millionaire question was great. If a millionaire is being rich, then we are all rich in some way or another. Even the poorest person is rich in some way. And, last, we can indeed uplift one another, enjoy some moments, share love and joy. Even with a stranger.

 [Gary Rohmann’s website is www.GaryRohmann.com]

Every Person Is Of Value. Every Single One. 

Spread Some Joy Today–That’s right. Great idea.

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