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“Man was created as a being who should

constantly keep improving,
a being who on
reaching one goal sets a
higher one.”

— Ralph

I used to teach goal setting in business, I had one understanding of the quote
like this one of Ralph Ransom’s, and now I have a different view. Today, I don’t
think I would use the word ‘higher,’ but substitute the word ‘different’
instead. Today, I would also change one other word. I would change the word
‘improving’ to ‘changing.’ Then, one last little change. take our ‘was created
as a being who should,’ and substitute ‘is a powerful creator who will.’ So
here’s how my version of the quote would go the way I understand it
is a powerful creator who will constantly keep changing, who on reaching one
goal and enjoying it fully, delightfully sets different one–just because he is
a creator, and creators create!
teaching it for so long, I began to think something was wrong with constantly
striving for the higher and greater and more. I thought, at what point is there
satisfaction or contentment? I thought, how can the bar keep going up and up?
Doesn’t it have to adjust differently sometimes? If you are forecasting sales
for your boss, you never want to turn in a downward estimate. It’s unheard of.
Or, at least that’s the way it seemed so often. More, more more. When is enough
my new understanding I see us as creators that are constantly changing, trying,
doing, seeking. Now, if that’s all we did, I would have a problem with it, but I
do believe that we can be accepting and loving of where we are as we move to
another place. And, if it is done in such a way that we are not chasing
happiness or expecting those kind of results when we get there, it all works
the past, I never really accepted where I was. It was always where I happened to
be that I wasn’t very pleased with in pursuit of what would create more
happiness, fulfillment and comfort. Now, I’m coming to terms with how important
it really is to be present and grateful and appreciative of where ever I may be
in pursuit of whatever I think I might like next, realizing that my happiness,
comfort and joy are in the moment with me where I am NOW.
first it seemed like such a subtle difference in the way of looking at goals,
but I know it to be a very great difference today.

Creators Create! It’s A Wonderful Thing. .

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