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“What difference does it make?”

— Common frustrated response indicating powerlessness

I don’t know why this phrase above popped into my head this afternoon, but it did. As I looked at it in print (generally, I only heard it from my own lips or those of others), I thought about it in another way that seemed interesting, so I thought I would share it.

What if we asked this question more often, but expected ourselves to answer it? For example, you might be thinking that you have to do something, but maybe you aren’t thrilled about it, or you have a lot on your plate already. So, you think, ‘I have to do this, but I’m dragging my feet. What difference will it make?’ It would be good then to have a pen and paper nearby and start writing down the answers. You may find that the list is far longer than you would have imagined once you think about the potential difference your doing the thing would create. You might even be amazed at the difference you can make.

We could even take the question a step further: ‘What difference can I make?’ An excellent question to try to answer. The reality is that each of us makes a difference in a lot of ways we don’t think about. Taking a few minutes to look at that and make a list can be a real game changer to how we might look at things that we get involved in or need to do. Can you make a difference? That would be answered, ‘of course!’

Maybe next time you hear someone say, ‘what’s the difference?’ you might begin a list aloud to them demonstrating how much of a difference they can make. This reminds me of that ad from long ago showing a plain old straight piece of wire and next to it a paper clip, with the caption, ‘just a little twist makes all the difference,’ or something to that effect. Yes. All the difference.

A Different Point Of View Can Have You See A Thing In A Whole Different Light.

Spread Some Joy Today–Go out and make a difference. You cannot help it in fact. Might as well do it on purpose then . . .

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