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no matter where I am going
and no matter what I am doing,
it is my dominant intent
to see that which
I am wanting to see.”
— Abraham, Esther Hicks

[Classic post from 6-2-17]

I’ve had this empowering affirmation printed out and on my wall for at least a few years now. I love it and have long ago memorized it, yet it is so beneficial to be there on the wall to remind me.

Perhaps underneath that printed page, there should be another that says, “How’s that goin’ for ya?” And, it is that question that caused me to write about this today.

If I were to answer that question, I would say, “It’s going pretty well. The majority of the time now, I think I am seeing what I want to see, and sometimes I don’t, but then I am reminded that I am empowered to see that which I want to see, to experience that which I want to experience. Then, I can get back on board so to speak.”

The difference now with a few years of practice is that it takes less and less time to get back on board in my empowerment. But, what came to me this morning is that as I am seeing that which I don’t want to see, it is simply that I am out of alignment with what I want to see. I’m not lining up with myself and instead, I am wandering around. I’ve gone walkabout as they say in Australia.

I used to go far on my walkabout and now the distance is shorter. I realize that I’m moving away and I can tell because I am paying attention to how I feel. If I am feeling tense, irritated, upset, angered, it is such a great clue as to where my thoughts have taken me. When I am aligned with myself and seeing what I want to see, I feel calm, relaxed, happy, peaceful, and even joyous.

This morning I read something on the front page of the newspaper that caused me to instantly go walkabout. I felt how I was feeling and it was sadness, disappointment, even some anger, and disgust. It doesn’t take long anymore for me to realize what is going on. I’m out of alignment with what I want, and what I want to see and to experience.

I get to choose that and this is what makes it so empowering to me. All I need to do is to lay down the rope of resistance that I find myself pulling on, and turn toward what I want to see and experience. Once that is done, I am back in alignment, back on track, in my power. In this place, I am aligning with what I want to see. And, that is then what I see. Life is good again regardless of what any other may be choosing for themselves.

What Are You Aligning Yourself With Today? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by breathing deeply, laying down the rope, remembering you have the power of choice. Always. Always. Always. No one else can think for you. Only you can do that for you.

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