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“In my walks, every man I meet

is my superior in some way,

and in that I learn from him.”


— Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have a dear friend named Joe. We don’t see each other very often since we live about 750 miles apart. In late February we had an opportunity to have lunch in Sacramento and he told me of a little quiz he wanted us to share with one another. It is a commitment because it is done each evening and it was called Evening Questions.

At the end of this week, it will have been three months since we began. With just a very few exceptions, we have completed the questions daily. Sometimes we forget in the evening, but get them done in the morning.

In the process of doing this, we have learned more about one another, shared each others joys and challenges, and generally have become even closer friends. That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment, don’t you think?

Just in case anyone else may benefit from this process, here are the questions that we answer to each other each day:

1. What went well today?

2. What could be better?

3. Intentions for tomorrow?

4. Spiritual principles to practice?

5. Prayer?

So, I retype the questions each time and he doesn’t, but whatever you do, I think you will find some interesting things. One is that the first question is first for good reason. Focus on what is working. Question two, I found, is hard to answer after question one. Of course things can be better. If you’re in gratitude, it is more challenging to get out of it, but it is a worthy question to see where and what we want now. Number three is all about doing something. Make your list of intentions for tomorrow. It is helpful to do this and realize there is always something you can do.

Number four is often repetitive for me. I almost always need to practice patience and kindness. They go hand in hand. And, number five. Give it up to God for the things that you don’t know how to do. Like my sign on my wall says, “What is MY job. How is GODS job.” The prayer is acknowledging God in however you see that and acknowledging that you don’t know how and will lay down the rope to allow help to come in.

I have very much enjoyed this process and I have no idea how long we will do it, but it might become a group thing. It is interesting, enlightening and if we are honest with each other, it can also be intimate.

Intimacy Is Love By Sharing Love.

Spread Some Joy Today–Share your joys and challenges with a loving friend.

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