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“Have a dialogue between two opposing parts
and you will find. . .that
they always start out
fighting each other. .
.until we come to an. . .
appreciation of
differences. . .a oneness and
integration of the two
opposing forces. Then
the civil war is finished,
and your energies
are ready for your struggle
with the world.”

— Frederick

quote above I pondered for a time and the key phrase is appreciation of
differences. It seems that we notice the differences between each other, and we
often take and immediate like or dislike to others quickly based on
their visible attributes and/or location, and/or association with others, such
as people in groups.
interesting to consider why we feel the way we do in those instances. Our
judgement takes over and makes decisions quickly; this is good, this is not
good, and more. When if we lingered just a bit longer than normal, temporarily
shut down our judicial system, we might be able to see something in the other
that we can appreciate–and here’s a key–even if that something is something we
would not normally appreciate.
Robbins loves to ask questions, and so he might say, “what do you like about
this person?” and you might say, “well, I can’t see anything that I like.” And,
immediately he would say, “well, if you could like
something about them, what might that be?” Then people always find something,
then another and so on. It’s really funny to me how that seemingly insignificant
twist in words makes such a difference in getting to a better answer.
me, the only benefit to opposition is bringing to my awareness that I am not
appreciating or allowing differences to coexist. This awareness then gives me
the opportunity once again to make a better, more loving choice.

“When We Seek To Discover The Best In Others, We Somehow Bring Out The Best
In Ourselves.”
— William Arthur Ward

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