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“Desire doesn’t require need.

In fact, need is often counterproductive.

Need is such a relative term.”

— Albert K Strong

We often may say that we need something, when in fact, we do not need it. A better and more effective way to look at getting it is to simply desire it. Have fun with it. When we go down the path of need, we are often distracted by that reckless baggage handler called the ego.

Need is serious. Need is demanding. Need is whiny. Need is relative. We need? Relative to what? Are we sure it is a need? On a scale of one to ten, how bad is the need? Indeed, we may use the word bad as I just did. That doesn’t sound too good. Pun intended.

No. I think desire is so much more effective. It is better to be lighthearted instead of the needy heavyheartedness. It is better to have fun than to be dead serious. It is better to want for any reason whatsoever than to need for any reason. It is far more likely that we will get what we want and thereby take care of any need by focusing on desire and allowing ourselves to want.

It is okay to want more. It is okay to want things–even those who some may judge that we have no business wanting them. Tell them to go to their room and shut up! They have no business telling us what we should or should not want.

Dreams are desires. Dreams are fun. It’s okay to fantasize about our lives being different, better, more fun, more prosperous, more alive. I recommend it as often as possible. In fact, that will be the way it comes anyway, so dream on.

“What Could You Need When You Already Have It All?” — Alan Cohen.

Spread Some Joy Today–Words to live by!

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