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“There are at least three states that any human
being can be in. We can put
ourselves down, beat
ourselves up, minimize ourselves, and
depreciate. On the other hand, we can build
ourselves up
pride and think that we
are greater and better than
I love the third state. We can be balanced 
and see
that everyone is a reflection of us.
Then we don’t put ourselves
above or below others.”

— Dr. John

seems that I think about gratitude so much anymore that it has become such a
huge part of my thinking. I find so many uses for it and all of them feel good.
One of my guru’s of appreciation and gratitude is Dr. John Demartini. I’ve read
5 or 6 of his wonderful books and every one of them is loaded with thoughts on
gratitude and how it changed his life and how it changes millions of lives as he
travels the globe.
thing that I find the most interesting about gratitude, being thankful, or
appreciating is that it is the practice of focusing that energy on the things in
my life that I would have in the past said were not so good, that makes the most
difference to me now. I find that as I practice and learn to be grateful for
something that I’m not pleased with, I find peace and see it so differently than
matter how negative it might seem on the surface, applying gratitude will change
that to a positive. Part of that is accepting it as it is. Part is accepting or
being willing to accept the fact that I created it myself. And, the biggest part
is seeing how it is a true benefit in my life right now.
I don’t want to keep it forever. Maybe I’m just passing through this place that
I am right now, but being grateful for what is right now is so empowering. It
also creates a certain peace with things.
know, everything is relative. Let’s just say you’re having some financial issues
and feeling a bit low on the totem pole of income. Heck, just think how Donald
Trump feels next to Bill Gates, or compare yourself to someone in rural India or
Africa. There’s a lot of variation there. What’s really important whatever scale
we find ourselves on is to be grateful for what we have right now. That releases
our energy to go with us where we may choose to be tomorrow.

When You Develop The Attitude Of Gratitude, Every Single Day Regardless Of
The Weather Is A Wonderful Day!

Spread Some Joy Today–Whatever is bothering you in your life or that
you’re concerned about, allow yourself to appreciate it in you life. There is
joy in the most interesting places.
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