Daily Inspiration 5-18-11

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“How much pain they have cost us,
the evils which have never happened."
— Thomas Jefferson
“Every evening I turn my worries over to God.
He’s going to be up all night anyway."
— Mary C Crowley
It’s funny now. The real troubles that I have are no match to the power and persistence of my imagination.
What’s really funny is that today I am absolutely certain that I have a minimum of twice as many problems as I have ever had in my life, and my imagination can still run circles around all of them.
What’s even funnier still, is that not thinking about my real problems, regardless of how many there are, or who thinks they are so damn important, makes them so much smaller than they have ever been in my entire life.
And the last funny thing is that I am in full control of my imagination, although, I think most of my life, I didn’t realize that was possible.
I am eager and excited in anticipation of the place where there are no problems at all–where life is bliss and joy reigns supreme. As imaginary places go, that is as good a one as I can dream up; however, I am not convinced that it is a real place.
But, as my experience is teaching me now, having problems is not a problem unless I choose to make it, or them, one. My view is so different now. So little stress in comparison to how it used to be when I didn’t really have hardly any problems.
Maybe That’s What They Mean About Heaven On Earth. . .
Spread Some Joy Today–By seeking joy today. It really is that easy.
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