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“To be what we were born to be,

and to become what we are capable of becoming,

is the only end in life.”

— Baruch Spinoza

This is bunk as far as I’m concerned. This quote embodies the problem that continues to ever be the problem except for those rare individuals who find that needle in a haystack called “what I was meant to be.” This is the kind of thing that is taught in many areas and it is such a waste of time and energy, and it is so ineffective in general results. In fact, it easily creates more stress and unhappiness in a lot of people who just can’t seem to “find their way.”

So here’s a what if to consider. What if, rather than having our emotions drive us, we paid more attention to our emotions as our inner guide? What if, when we feel good, that is telling us we are on the right track, and when we feel bad, that it is telling us that this is something that is not in our best interests? What if we learned to get excited about our emotions rather than giving in to them? And, this is a big what if: What if this was taught us from day one instead of all that other junk?

What if, instead of accomplishment, the size and value of our things, the amount of money we make, the brand and model car we drive, and where we are on the scale of the pursuit of happiness we are, we found just one worthy goal that will lead us to everything that we want?

I think that goal is simply joy. Fortunately, joy comes in a zillion flavors and nuances, and yet each and every layer is joy. Not only that, where ever we travel there is always joy available in all the quantity that we could possible desire. And, best of all, it is purely and simply a choice that we make in any given moment in time, in any place on the planet we are. There is no mystery to it, no secrets to be found, nor can anyone else in any capacity help us have it. It is not given. It is not found. It is simply created within.

Doesn’t That Seem To Work So Much Better?

Spread Some Joy Today–by being joyful. Only you can spread it from you to others.

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