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“You may never know
what results come of your
but if you do
there will be no

— Mahatma

I talked about deciding to change the world, or rather the only thing I can
change: My world. So, I acted on it, and that action over time produced near and
far reaching results.
remember working with a salesman in the retail department when I was doing
commercial trucks. I liked him and thought I might be of service, so I mentored
him for a short time.
years later, he contacted me and told me what a difference I made in his life
and how things I said encouraged him to move up in life and he took advantage
and was doing extremely well. I was blown away just to hear from him and even
more excited that he was prospering as he should.
was then that it struck me how we can be an influence with each other not even
really knowing it was happening. In this case, he called me once, but there may
be many cases where they don’t call, but are enjoying life better because we
somehow touched them and awoke their own power within themselves.
is such with these Daily Inspirations. Every once in a while, I hear from
someone how that message was just for them on that particular day and how it
moved them to make a change and effect a difference in their lives. That’s
powerful to me and I am honored to be whatever part in that.
opposite is true as well. There are many people that have touched me in various
ways. Some I have called, some not. Some have even been deceased for a lot of
years, yet their works they left behind carry on influencing those who choose to
attract it.
on a walk I was thinking about my first boss in the car business who died a
couple years ago and how some things he shared with me have made a difference in
my life even today. Or maybe it was a teacher in second or third grade, or high
school. I can think of a number of them that bring fond thoughts
never know what results come from your actions, and thank God for those actions
is all I have to say! Thank you one and all!

Your Actions Will Affect Others. A Good Question To Ask Ourselves Is This:
In What Way?

Spread Some Joy Today–To me the joy is in loving people, encouraging them
whenever I can and enjoying myself all at the same time. It is wonderful.
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