Daily Inspiration 5-15-14

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“If her past were your past, 
her pain your pain, 
her level of consciousness 
your level of consciousness, 
you would think and act exactly as she does. 

With this realization 
comes forgiveness, 
compassion, and peace.” 

 — Eckhart Tolle 

It is so easy for us to think that we would be different when we see someone, even a friend in pain and despair. That is what divides us all. It is only a game to claim compassion for someone at this level. It is fake and insincere.

Even if it were an opponent, where practicing forgiveness could bring us together, the facade of false forgiveness keeps us apart and stranded in our own view from our own perspective. We cannot understand how they could be this way precisely because we are not.

Yet as Eckhart Tolle so accurately explains, IF, and that is a big IF. If their past were our past, and IF their pain were our pain, and IF their level of consciousness were our own, how in the world could we not think and act as they do? We would be exactly as they are now.

However, if we can empathize with them; that is, try to put ourselves in their shoes for a bit, try to feel what they may be feeling, try to understand where they’ve been and how they are now, we might assemble an image of ourselves in that place and recognize our own desire for compassion, empathy, and care. As we realize this place, we are empowered by such to feel for them with compassion, help them and ourselves with forgiveness, and create a peace within both of us.

We All Have Times And Issues Where A Little Bit Of Compassion, Forgiveness, and Peace Would Be Of Great Benefit. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by teaching it to others.

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