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“Some people have 
 a wonderful capacity 
to appreciate again and again, 
freshly and naively, 
the basic goods of life, 
with awe, pleasure, wonder, 
and even ecstasy.” 
— Abraham Maslow 

Something in me has changed. It’s obvious to me. It may completely escape others, but I don’t know how it could. It’s a bit hard to explain; however, the quote above is pretty dang good.

In about the last six months give or take, my level of joy has increased and expanded. I find joy in almost any direction I look. I am almost constantly delighted. It is wonderful.

I told my business partner that I feel like I’ve had Spring Fever for about six months, all the way through winter. He had never heard the phrase Spring Fever I guess, so I tried to explain to him what that was. But, that is how I feel.

I delight in the weather. Lately, it has been in the mid-70s with a westerly breeze off the Pacific ocean. It just doesn’t get much better than this. The trees are swaying with the 10-15 mph breezes. All the leaves are on the trees. There’s a multitude of shade, but being in the direct sun is not a burden.

I delight in Charlie. He seems to have Spring Fever too. He’s taking more time at each little stop. Then he looks up at me and his eyes seem glazed over. He’s loving it too. I can tell.

I see silly things like traffic and I laugh. I think a funny thought and I laugh. I watch a movie and I laugh. I’ve watched some recently that I rated at a 3 star on Netflix and now I rate them as a 5 star. The movie didn’t change. But my take on it sure enough has.

I love happy movies, especially true stories with a happy ending. I cry almost every time. I just finished a wonderful, delightful book that just hit the stores this month. It is called, It’s a Long Story, by Willie Nelson. I was reading it aloud and there were many parts where I just couldn’t get the words out let alone see the page through the tears. It’s not a sad book. It’s a delightful book. I highly recommend it. Sad things don’t bring me to tears much, but happy things that are maybe a bit unexpected sure do.

I feel so peaceful and content. I feel like I haven’t got a care in the world. I’m not worrying about anything. I’m not fearful. On the contrary, I’m delightfully optimistic. I know there is more for me, even at my age, and yet I feel no rush or anxiety. I know it is coming and I know it will knock my socks off when it arrives.

I am much more of a deliberate creator than I ever have been. I am enjoying myself totally doing as I wish when I wish to focus on thoughts that feel good. I am grateful for my business, my wonderful clients, my team, friends and loved ones.

I hear music differently. I find a new album of slack key guitar music or fingerstyle guitar, or something different and I just want to buy a thousand of their albums and give them away to people. I am grateful beyond words for their gift to me of their delightful skill and creativity. I am amazed at what so many people create out of thin air.

I feel like I’m on vacation pretty much every day. I discovered some delectable Slack Key music from Jim Kimo West and can’t stop playing it. His CD’s take me back to one of my favorite places on earth: Hawaii. I love his style and his original tunes.

Food tastes different. It is more delicious. I make up a bunch of strange recipes on my own and delight in each flavor on my tongue. I have the same experience at restaurants. Food is so much better.

I am so full of gratitude for everything and everyone. I am constantly giving thanks for the day, the moment, the person, the circumstance. Sometimes that gratitude is like a cup spilling over. I just let it run.

Geez. I think I could go on all evening. Whatever it is that changed, I want to bottle it and give it all away. I think it is just that I have learned how to be in joy. I’ve learned how to practice turning my gaze to something that I feel good looking at. I’ve learned how to allow others to have what they will while I may choose not that. I love people more deeply. This all ties so closely with yesterday’s long post. I think it is the practice of all that I have learned from Abraham, Esther Hicks, and many others that is so obviously beneficial to me and what I now think about my life. I simply call it joy. Choosing joy.

I Am Blessed With This Change Of Life. 

Spread Some Joy Today–I can’t help it. It just spills out.

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