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Perspective Week

“A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket
and rejoices that the system works.”

— Bill Vaughan

There is all kinds of ways to look at a thing and Bill Vaughan makes a very interesting point in how we normally look at something and how it can look so different from another perspective.

A few weeks ago, I was heading toward the freeway and got bogged down in bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic. It was very unusual. As I got up to where I could see the bottleneck, a key traffic light was out and was flashing red so that each and every car had to stop in all four directions.

That got me thinking about how ineffective this situation was. There was a crew working on the light and no one directing traffic. It was almost ridiculous to watch. But, the thing that struck me was that stop lights aren’t really stop lights, but go lights. In viewing this traffic jam and how slow it moved, it was obvious as can be how valuable traffic lights are to actually move traffic along.

Many times we might see what appears to be a problem, a slow down, a bottleneck, a road block, only to find out that by seeing it from a different perspective, it is actually a benefit and something that helps things move more effectively.

As I mentally step back and watch our business growing, I see a number of things that would be very easy to think of as a problem, but from that perspective of stepping back and looking at it from the outside, it is all so perfect. Now I am practicing seeing the perfection of it all rather than the bottlenecks and road blocks.

To say that this gives me a better attitude is an understatement.

How Many Go-Lights Do You See In Your Life?

Spread Some Joy Today–Step back and take another look. You might see something so different that it creates joy instead of concern.
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