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Perspective Week
“Hay is more acceptable to an ass than gold.”
— Latin Proverb
I’ve said in the past (and I ripped it from someone a long time ago), that you couldn’t sell me a battleship for ten cents. I have no use for a battleship, nor any desire to own one. Even thinking about the scrap value, I haven’t the time or energy to deal with it though it may be worth a million dollars.
As a dedicated student of management and psychology, I’ve used this idea in trying to move the needle in the sales department by appealing to the personalized interests of each of the people on the team. It’s always been an interesting challenge to do that effectively, and at the same time is far more interesting and fun than the typical top dog routine. Those bore me to tears and I think they are also extremely ineffective.
Truth is, money doesn’t motivate everyone, nor does any one thing. Each of us is unique in what lights our fire. Having someone find what that is and play to it, is an excellent strategy for success. And, we’re not forthcoming with it on our own generally.
This applies in many ways. Gary Chapman’s popular book, The Five Love Languages, demonstrates how different personal relationships can be when we find what motivates each of us and his theory is there are five languages to learn to speak. It’s an excellent book.
Then there’s the old ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.’ I think that this is the easiest one to understand. Yeah. I have no interest in Elvis memorabilia, or Disney either, but I could very easily own 50 guitars or more. If nothing else, I just love looking at them. There’s a guitar store in Vegas that has 5,000 of them in one place! A kid in a candy store. . .
To Each His Own. Just Like It Was Meant To Be!
Spread Some Joy Today–It’s okay to be unique. It’s also more interesting for others.
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