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“To be identified with your mind
is to be trapped in
the compulsion to live
almost exclusively
through memory and

— Eckhart

have a certain amount of things in life that we follow regimens in, such as,
going to work at a certain time for a specified number of hours, having a list
of things to do and working through them and so on. We could call these things a
routine. Often, these routines become so habitual that we may even feel trapped
within them. I know some people who made themselves sick in order to
periodically escape them. One of them was me at one time. This is because
sickness is an accepted excuse for upsetting the routine for a temporary period
of time.
think it is healthy and full of personal wisdom to periodically escape the
routine on purpose and on the spur of the moment if possible without needing the
crutch of sickness as an excuse. I’m not advocating making a habit of it and
lose your position in place (or is that place in position?), but often enough
that the habit of the routine is not feeling obligatory.
call it playing hookey. It’s an old game where you make up your own rules while
you play. I’ve grown fond of it, and yet I forget to pull it out and play it
often enough. I think I’ve found a new reason to pull it out more
was a day worthy of note and exceptionally pleasing. Easily one of the most
enjoyable afternoons I’ve had in many years. I took the afternoon off. I decided
to take my wife and dog to a park with a river and stop and get a sandwich and
took some chairs and vegged by the water in the shade for a couple hours. It was
85 degrees, but in the shade it was perfect with a nice breeze. We read, enjoyed
the birds, geese, and other scenery that we don’t normally see every day. It was
so peaceful, and since it was the middle of the week, there were very few people
there. It was absolutely joyful.
we went to a farmers market and wandered through booths of vendors, listening to
tropical music in the background, with food being cooked and giving off
delicious aromas. It was soothing and interesting and fun.
was practicing what Eckhart Tolle calls living in the NOW. In fact, his book,
The Power of NOW was the inspiration for today’s activities and being present in
them. I will have more to say about this book and that concept, but I am pleased
to share that today’s inspiration from Eckhart acted upon spontaneously, was
enlightening and absolutely wonderful.

Sometimes We Just Need A Love Break.

Spread Some Joy Today–by being present where ever you find yourself.
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