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Perspective Week
“Do not call any work menial
until you have watched a proud person do it.”
— Robert Brault
When I first read this quote, I thought of sweeping with a big broom a large area at a gas station I used to work at when I was a teenager. I remember watching this person do sweeping and made it look like an art. All the time I was growing up, sweeping to me was distasteful work, and here he was making it look so interesting and almost effortless. I was immediately drawn into trying to sweep like he did and I have to say, that from then on, it became much more interesting and rather fun instead of work.
I watch others in what they do and I am always looking for that same expertise. It is rare to find it, but a joy each time.
I love to watch shows where people play an instrument particularly well and how they make it almost effortless in their hands. What I think I love even more than this, is watching someone do something much more common and how they do it in a very similar manner to the musical artist. If you’ve ever seen the wonderful Australian movie, Kenny, you’ll find someone who is a master at outhouses. He is passionate about something that most of us would be disgusted at. To watch someone who is an artist at weeding a flower bed, edging a lawn, cleaning a swimming pool, driving a dump truck, replacing a kitchen faucet, cleaning the carpet–these give me as much joy to watch an artist at work as any fancy profession.
I think that is one of the reasons I love that TV show with Mike Rowe called, Dirty Jobs. He finds people passionate about poop, committed to sewer maintenance, and just about every possible job that most people would hate to do. Then he gets in there with them to try it himself and sees just how good they are at it and he is usually amazed and in awe of their passion and commitment. Great show.
I don’t think there is any menial work. There is just work. Our own acceptance of it and our own attitude or view of it is all that is important. With an attitude of passion and love of the job, another artist is born.
Celebrate Your Personal Artistry!
Spread Some Joy Today–As you are passionate about what you do, joy follows you as if it is a perfect shadow.
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