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“Faith is the direct realization of power.”

— Eckhart Tolle

I was a late bloomer to learn of Eckhart Tolle, and have since read several books, rented all of his available DVD’s and listened to several hours of audio programs. At first I thought he was an acquired taste due to his very subdued presence, but I grew to love that aspect, and have enjoyed getting to know his messages and continue to do so, only not so heavily as in the last couple of years.

Tonight I ran across this video on YouTube and was so fond of the message that I wanted to share it in the CTS Daily Inspirations.

In this video, he spells out the difference between belief and faith so well that I cannot recall ever hearing anything that made more sense to me. Here’s part of what he said that hit home with me:

“There is a huge difference between belief and faith. Faith is an inner–a better word for it would be trust–an inner deep trust in life, God, Universal Intelligence, whatever you want to call it. It is a sense of deep trust that can only be there when you’re connected with that which is beyond the mind, because it is the mind where belief operates. So you have to go deeper than belief to find faith. Faith is the direct realization of power.”

If you listen to the whole 3 minute piece, there is more, but the gist of it is what I just quoted. In that, my greatest take-away is that it is a deep trust in something outside of the mind and that which is All that is not the mind. Sounds like double talk, but it’s so clear now to me how big of a difference there is between belief and faith.


Wonderful Insights. Thank you! Eckhart Tolle

Spread Some Joy Today–Find your direct realization of power. It probably means not hunting, but instead, letting go. . .

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