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Perspective Week
“The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot.
The guy who invented the other three, he was a genius.”
— Sid Caesar
I love this quote by Sid Caesar because it is funny and it is so true at the same time. Sure, the guy that invented the wheel was not so helpful, but the one who invented a way to make use of it was. Same with the Internet. The Internet was around for a while before someone came along and had a different idea of how it could be utilized and then developed software so that we could browse the Internet and it all skyrocketed from there.
Think about what good a stereo is without speakers, or even a stereo with speakers and without recorded music. How about a computer without a keyboard? A car without an engine? Or a car without a road? Or a business without a customer? What came first, the chicken or the egg, or the frying pan?
One wheel is a challenge, but relatively easy in comparison to the other three, but the other three is where all the value is–it’s where the payoff is. So you have this business and it is doing that one wheel thing, and you want to add the other three. How do you do that? You know it’s a game-changer to do it, but how does it happen?
I think it is all about value. Think of the value of the end result, not what it will bring you, but what it will bring others. Take Facebook as an example. Well, that’s a great example, but an extreme one, so let’s take something smaller in comparison, but still as powerful in value: hotmail. When MSN created free email with hotmail via the Internet, it was a game-changer for them. How about something even smaller? McDonald’s. A game-changer for McDonald’s was taking something already a landmark for them and making it like a rocket to Mars: they added large fries to the menu.
Can people do this as a one person band? I say, absolutely! Again, it all comes down to finding a way to provide more value, maybe even extreme value. As you are providing value, you may find that you are giving things away that your could sell. That is true, but selling them could never bring the value or create the value that giving them could bring or create. It doesn’t mean giving away the farm, but it does mean being more open and free.
The value of the Internet is information. It’s free and it is so plentiful that it is growing exponentially and it is becoming ever more of value. What can we do with our business, our profession, our job, our lives that can expand value?
Excellent Question!
Spread Some Joy Today–Providing value is a joyous event!
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