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“One of the healthiest things you can do for your
well-being is to make
yourself dispensable.”

— John
C Maxwell

I was young, I always liked attention and being in charge; however, as I’ve
grown up and was focused on business, I learned to change that thinking. Now, in
building my own business, I feel it is a self-built trap if I make myself
indispensable. Indeed, the more dispensable I can make myself, the better and
bigger my business can be. Besides, I want to eventually travel and be away from
my business, so it only makes sense to let go by empowering others.
people want to hang onto all the control and the stock and my goal is
dramatically different. I want to own just 10% of a large number of enterprises
that I’ve helped in one way or another to thrive by turning control and equity
to those that can make it their own and do far better than I. It is the small
10% amount that thrills me when I will see others moving the business and I
being handsomely rewarded for their creativity, skill and drive.
there is still much that I do and I am constantly working on letting go of it.
As soon as I start thinking that there is something that I am doing that only I
can do just so, I am in trouble. That is not what I want, so I begin immediately
to work on making it easier for someone else to do.

I Want To Be An Insider On The Outside Looking

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