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“The truth is, 
every human being on this planet 
is ridiculous in their own way.” 
— Gordy, played by Billy Connolly 
in What We Did On Our Holiday 

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[Classic post from 12-9-15]

I just watched a delightful movie with an interesting story that just hit DVD called, What We Did On Our Holiday.

The family is gathering from all over for their father’s 75th birthday and he is terminally ill. Three grandchildren spend the last few hours with grandpa and some magical bits of wisdom came forth that I had to write down.

For example, one little grandchild asks, “How do people know what they are?” The conversation started around the new knowledge that grandpa’s friend is a lesbian and the child is very curious. Grandpa answers, “Ah, they just kind of find out. We all find out eventually what we are. Then, the world has to lump it.”

The oldest girl was saying that her parents make her so angry because they were always yelling at each other. Grandpa lets off some perfect wisdom here:

“I used to feel that about my lot too until I suddenly realized that there was no point in being angry with people I loved for being what they are

The truth is, every human being on this planet is ridiculous in their own way, so we shouldn’t judge and we shouldn’t fight because in the end–in the end, none of it matters–none of this stuff.” 

So Perfectly Stated, Don’t You Think? 

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