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“If you want 
to be somebody else, 
change your mind.”
— Sister Hazel 

[Classic post from 3-24-17]

Sounds pretty easy, and I can see that changing one’s mind is the only way to become someone else, and yet something tells me this is one of the hardest things we could attempt.

I think it would be far easier to uncover the real me than to escape into that other person as me. Unless, of course, I had a strong desire to become a skilled and versatile character actor. Besides, finding the real me is the holy grail, after a lifetime of covering it up, smoothing it over, playing many minor roles that life seems to demand of us.

With all this, who has time and energy left to try to be someone we’re not?

But then, if we haven’t already figured out who the real us is, how do we go about that? I know that’s an excellent question because I’ve asked it a thousand times at least. I’ve taken quite a number of tests, went through StrengthsFinder, and ten or fifteen others that are designed to draw out the real me. They weren’t all that helpful.

Yet there is one that was helpful for me and it came from Dr. John Demartini and his book, The Values Factor, and then on his website at www.drdemartini.com, he has a 13-question process to determine my values. He has taught about how our values are what determine what we choose, not the other way around. Of the questions below, many are quite enlightening if answered in private.

The 13 questions that reveal your values are:

1. How do you fill your space?
2. How do you spend your time?
3. How do you spend your energy?
4. How do you spend your money?
5. Where are you most organized?
6. Where are you most reliable?
7. What dominates your thoughts?
8. What do you visualize most?
9. What do you most often talk to yourself about?
10. What do you most often talk to others about?
11. What inspires you?
12. What goals stand out in your life and have stood the test of time?
13. What do you love to learn or read about most?

What is most helpful in this process is that once we figure out who we are by figuring out what our values are, we uncover reams of insight into our life travels and results. As we choose to focus on our core values, we smooth out any rough spots in our travel too. And, in the end, if we still want to be someone else, this is the place to begin to change our mind by changing our values.

I So Value The Magnificent Teachers Who Help Me Along My Path–Even Those Whom I’ve Never Met Except Through Their Legacy In Ink. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by realizing that one of your core values is joy!

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