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“We never really grow up, 
we only learn how to act in public.” 
— Bryan White 

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[Classic post from 12-8-15]

I’ve lived a lot of life. I consider myself intelligent, well-read, good at what I do in my various careers, and at 66, I know that I have not yet grown up. How do I know? I know this because farts are still not only funny to me but hilarious. I can think of situations I’ve experienced or seen and just by thinking it, I’m laughing.

I can hear my mother now. . . or it might have been someone else’s mother saying, “Grow up!” Of course, I had intentions of doing just that since I assumed that was what should be done as I became older, but, alas, not true in the end.

Any time I want to really laugh, all I have to do is think of this subject. In fact, today, I’ve laughed so many times and am laughing as I write this too. I can’t help it. I never grew up. And, it looks hopeless now. You would have thought I would have risen above this nonsense by now, but I haven’t.

I mean how can you get through the campfire scene in Blazing Saddles without falling off the couch? Or The Pink Panther 2 with Steve Martin in the “soundproof” vocal booth in the recording studio? The list is quite long, especially when I add my own experiences, so there is plenty to keep me laughing for many years to come.

And, now you know just how little I’ve grown in all this time. . .

Thank Goodness! 

Spread Some Joy Today–and laughter is a great way to prime the pump.

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