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“What is wonder?  

Wonder is a belief in what can be possible. 
Wonder is an imagining and a seeing, 
 and a process of expression of the senses 
when one is benefited from an image, 
a miracle, a thought that is so wonder-full 
that all one can do is express wonder in the face of it.” 
— Paul Selig 

[Classic post from 3-23-17]

When was the last time that you were awash in wonder? Few and far between? Rarely, if ever? Every day?

What I love about the quote above is how it expresses how and what wonder is and how we experience it, and more importantly, how we can experience it as we desire.

We all know that wonder is an amazing feeling. It may be brief, and yet it has a lasting effect on how we feel for as much time as we allow it.

“Wonder is a belief. . . in what can be possible.” Dreams are wonder! A belief is a feeling of certainty. Wonder gives us the power to dream and mean it, to decide and do it, to live it.

“Wonder is an imagining and a seeing. . . “ Does imagination just arrive willy-nilly or do we have the power to create imagination? As we imagine, we can see. I think of imagination as a visual thought.

“. . . a process of expression of the senses. . .” All of our senses come alive in the expression, or it could be that all of our expression comes alive via our senses.

“. . . when one is benefited from an image, a thought that is so wonder-full that all one can do is express wonder in the face of it.” An image. Imagining. Seeing an existing reality, or imagining one. A thought. A whole train of thoughts, visual and non-visual. We can think ourselves into wonder. We can pay attention to the present moment, the present view, and we can choose to see it as we desire to see it, feel it, experience it.

The miracle. If we can believe that it is miraculous that we are even here, breathing, moving, experiencing millions, maybe billions of influences on our physical external self and our internal magical self in every moment. Once we accept the idea that just being alive is a miracle, virtually everything around us becomes miraculous too. If miracles are said to be only of the divine, then we are also of the divine.

I believe that each and every one of us has wonder constantly in our lives. It is not that wonder is or wonder is not, it is are we awake and paying attention or are we not.

Delight In All Your Wonder Today. It Is Exactly Like Walking On Air. 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you experience the wonder in your life. Joy is the recognition of the wonder in your life, don’t you think?

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