Daily Inspiration 4-8-16

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“The reason things 
always work out for the best, 
is because this is actually 
the highest of all spiritual laws. 

Any apparent exceptions 
are simply evidence 
that the work is still in progress." 

— The Universe, 
aka, Mike Dooley 

As with so many things that we allow to be, the message above from Notes From the Universe (www.tut.com) came a perfect time with the perfect message for me today.

So much of life is attitude and perspective. The glass can be half full or it can be half empty and both would be correct; however, they feel very different, and each perspective leads to a different result. And, though I feel that I was brought up by my parents in a half empty mindset, I have endeavored throughout my adult life to have that half full life, and to live it and teach it.

One could say that the half empty mentality is living in and moving toward lack, while the half full mind would be in appreciation of what is already here on their way toward abundance. And so it is with all of us in how we choose to view our daily lives and activities. 

But, what if the highest spiritual law–that law that God insists we have owned from birth–is true? Then the second part of Mike’s quote above is indeed, the glass half full attitude. “Any apparent exceptions. . . " Aren’t there always exceptions? I think there are always exceptions, and it is how we see, think, and thereby feel about those exceptions that determines all for us. “Any apparent exceptions are simply evidence that work is still in progress." Amen to that! It’s on its way! I asked and I received and now it is in progress! How cool is that!

It is such a powerful tool toward happiness to develop and practice the attitude that things are always working out. It is one of the perfect affirmations to state many times throughout the day, “Everything is always working out for me!" Or, “Everything is always working out for our company!" Or, “Everything is always working out in our world!"

This one is going on my wall this morning.

As I Remember To Remember This Perspective And Attitude, I Am Renewed And Regenerated. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing your glass half full and glowing.

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