Daily Inspiration 4-8-13

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“No matter what your history has been,

your destiny is what you create today.

What are you going to create?”

— Steve Maraboli

Some believe that we are predestined to be, do and have what we are, act upon, and posses. I think we are creators and that we choose what we create. Indeed, sometimes–in fact, probably often–we create out of habit, past experience, parental upbringing and more, but we create. And, each day I think we create anew. The past really doesn’t matter because we can create again differently if we choose to.

So, let’s say, just for giggles, that you believed that too. What are you going to create today? Good times? Enjoyable experience? Abundance? Or something else?

The Ability To Choose Is Your Ultimate Power.

Spread Some Joy Today–Focus on your own happiness. People will notice.

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