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“The secret to learning from mentors is
first to find one and then to become one.
You’ll learn as much from the latter as the former.”

— Vic Johnson

I love the quote from Vic, and I can also personally relate to it. I have found mentors and I have become a mentor and have learned so much from both. I started this process in earnest in the 1970’s and have continued through today. There were some spots where I turned off the learning switch, and each time I realized this, I found my way back.

The reason I kept coming back is that my mentors inspire me onward, and since one of my main goals in life is to be a teacher of inspiration, I found it so helpful to keep my spirits up and mind focused. I consider in these mentors, their knowledge and skills, their philosophy, the actions they took, and how they affected others. One of my mentors has been Jesus of Nazareth.

When I think of Jesus as a person, leader and mentor, I am inspired. He is never far from my mind no matter how many other mentors I have or have had. His brilliance as a leader of a team of men and women is superb and as a leader also of people is unmatched. He had the ability to simplify and to be the solution instead of the problem. He was down to earth and fully relational to others regardless of societal standing. This ability alone is extremely rare and valued. He was the embodiment of unconditional love and it is this last quality that has inspired me the most.

Where ever I go, it is love that inspires me the most and it is practicing unconditional love that I aspire to perfect in myself. It is easy to love when people are lovable. The only way to practice the art of unconditional love is to learn to love when people appear to be unlovable. The truth is that everyone is lovable just because they are, and this was the essence of the teaching of Jesus to me.

Happy Easter!

Spread Some Joy Today–Think of someone you know that is a serious challenge to love and then send loving thoughts to them. If they are close by, say it to them.

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