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“Situations are given to you 
by the universe automatically 
to show you exactly what your beliefs are.” 
— Bashar, Darryl Anka 

[Classic post from 3-20-17]

I thought that this was such a fascinating way to see what is in our current reality.

With this view, we can look at our current reality and then see what our beliefs about what is true for us, what we feel we deserve, and more is the cause and the reality is the effect. Cause and effect.

I’ve often thought of cause and effect, but not quite in that way. To see what is as an end result and then to open the book of our beliefs about ourselves is a really interesting and telling way to see exactly how we are the cause of our own effects. And, we can see this by looking at what we have.

I thought of this cute phrase as I awakened to this perspective: “You know where you’re at when you see what you’ve got.” As we awaken to the cause and effect of this, we can begin to ask some questions that will help us to create a different and more pleasing reality should that be desired.

What do I believe about myself today? What do I see as true about me? I can see that I have caused this to come to be, and I want to know what specific beliefs about myself and my views about life caused this to be true today. What are my beliefs about abundance? What are my beliefs about what kind of job or career I might have? What kind of beliefs do I have about marriage? Dealing with others? Business? Security?

As we examine our beliefs, we can see more clearly how the cause and effect have worked in our lives. It also gives us the opportunity to create new and improved beliefs that can open a new and more enjoyable reality for us. As an example, it is impossible to have abundance by having lackful thoughts. As we examine how we think about lack, and how that has played out in our lives, we can learn to let go of these limiting beliefs by turning our attention to how abundance is a mindset that creates that reality.

As we see how we create our own reality, we can see that it is our own beliefs that created it and can also change it as we are willing to see the correlation.

A Belief Is A Thought We Continue To Think Over Time. Maybe It’s Time For A Change In Our Beliefs. 

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