Daily Inspiration 4-7-14

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“Authentic human interactions 
become impossible 
when you lose yourself 
in a role.” 

 — Eckhart Tolle 

I had an interesting night tonight. I haven’t been attending fundraisers, mixers, and the like for a long time, and tonight I broke out and went to one. I knew only a couple of people in the whole group, but I got to meet some of those I’ve never before had the pleasure of meeting.

What was also interesting is reconnecting and expanding the connection with the two people I knew the most. With the man part of that duo, it was the first time I think we have really connected at all. Prior to this it seemed very superficial and I never really got to know much about him as a result. This time, we chatted it up and had some fun sharing things. We’re both musicians, although, I’ve not played since 2006 and he plays all the time, yet we still had much to talk about and agree on.

I recall another person whom I knew superficially, and we met at a yogurt shop of one of my clients and that has led to an ongoing deep friendship.

One never knows for sure where the next really good friend will come from. Maybe it will be someone totally new, and maybe someone you knew of for years, but never really knew at all.

Be Wide Open To The Possibilities! It Could Be A Life-Changer! 

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