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“It is a simple task to make things complex,
but a complex task to make them simple.”

— Meyer’s Law

I will never forget the phrase I read somewhere how Abraham Lincoln was a ‘master of brevity.’ Though I cannot remember where I got this, it has stuck with me for so many years. One of the best examples of this attribute of Lincoln was the Gettysburg Address.

“As Garry Wills so skillfully demonstrates, in contrast to the “real” Gettysburg Address (Edward Everett’s two hour oration) Lincoln makes NO use of specific names, nor does he once reference “the enemy,” or the constitution, sectionalism, slavery, specific battles, armies, or even the word Gettysburg. Lincoln spoke only in concepts, the spirituality of the nation. His “few appropriate remarks” would ultimately redefine democracy in America, applicable to Americans in Texas, as well as Maine.”
This quote from Jeff Wissot found online quoting the book, Lincoln at Gettysburg by Garry Wills reminds me of the 2 hour oration of Edward Everett versus the approximately 2 minutes that Lincoln spoke.

This and other examples of brevity, or keeping it simple I’ve found have been helpful to have me keep things as short as I can. It is a skill that requires practice and one will inevitably get better at it as practiced.

Another way that has been of equal value is simple analogies to explain harder to understand concepts. What is very helpful in creating these is knowing the subject intimately. As I find a deeper knowledge, I am compelled to share it and the best way to share it is to find simpler and shorter ways to explain it.

Keep It Simple, Student! That’s Me, A Student Of Simplicity.

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