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“It is not because things are difficult 
that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare 
that they are difficult.”

— Marcus Annaeus Seneca
(54 BC – 39 AD)
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This quote from Seneca the elder inspires me. It also helps me to understand the obstacles that appear in my pathway and how I have dealt with them in the past as well as how I might better deal with them today and in the future.
The very first thing that came to my mind when I read this quote was learning to build a website and to be more Internet savvy. In September of 2007, I had spent the last few years wondering about websites and wanting someone to magically appear and come do things for me and then I wouldn’t have to learn anything about doing them. This is a common trait in my thinking from time to time wherein I create these huge thirty foot high walls that I expect I will have to climb over, but I don’t have the energy and so, back to the couch I go to escape into much more pleasing thoughts. Every feel that way? It’s not fun. Or maybe it is because that wall doesn’t.
Once I decide that I really want to learn, it is so interesting how this thirty foot wall all of a sudden becomes more like ten feet, then 6 feet, then 4 feet, then 10 inches, then a 4-lane highway. Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about! I’m certain that I’m not alone. But, ain’t it grand that this happens? Problem solved. Yesterday I couldn’t spell it and today I are one! Success! That’s what I’m talking about!
It seems that I should recognize this scenario each time that silly thirty foot wall appears. It’s happened enough times, but I still feel that overwhelmed feeling. Yet, there is good news. I feel it less and less now that I am aware of how to deal with those walls. And the better news is that I am finding less and less thirty foot walls too. So, it’s all good.
I’ve heard people say that, God doesn’t give you a problem so big that you can’t deal with it. I say, I’m glad he kept them under forty feet. . .
I’m Sharing My Daring For Difficulties Sake.
Spread Some Joy Today–Got walls? It’s just a mirage! Walk toward it with a tinge of confidence and those walls come a-tumblin’ down. Rock on!
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