Daily Inspiration 4-6-13

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“You can’t just wish change;

you have to live the change

in order for it to become a reality.”

— Steve Maraboli

Sometimes is seems so difficult to change. I wish that it would just be done and I wouldn’t have to go through it to get there, if you know what I mean. It’s the going through it or living the change that seems to be the work I often do not want to do, and yet I want the accomplishment of having done it. Silly.

I seem to think that once I got to the other side, or the goal, that life would be better, the bells will be ringing, the grass will be greener. But, by the time I get there that feeling is replaced by something different. It is still very good, but different.

The hardest thing I’ve found is to change long-held habits. I know I can do it. Ability isn’t even on the list of questions. Will I do it? Well, that’s the best question. And, how I feel at any given time has much to do with it, but more than this, it is my well worn justification mechanism that is in play too often. You know, the devil on the other shoulder telling me it’s okay, it’s only. . . and you can start tomorrow. . . there’s too much stress going on right now to deal with this. . . just chill. . . take a break. . . you deserve it. . . enjoy it now. . . it will all be here tomorrow. . . Then I chime in: Yes! I do deserve it. . . I can’t give up all the things I love. . . I’ll start fresh tomorrow. . .

None of this probably ever happens to you. I’m sure it is just me. For me change is sometimes easy and sometimes it is a son-of-a-bitch! Until I find a way to want the new results, or change, more than the status quo, I study.

It’s All In The Sincere Desire To Be Where I Want To Be, Picture It, Live It, Feel It, And Then I Become It.

Spread Some Joy Today–Lighten up on yourself. Make it more fun. Ask yourself, how can I have fun doing this?

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